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How to connect itunes with iphone

Itunes is an important feature of iphone which helps to add and manage music, videos and other media file to the device. It is very easy for users to connect iphone and manage the work. In order to do so, users need to follow the given steps

  • Open itunes
  • Connect your iphone through USB cable
  • In itunes find and select your device
  • On summary tab select sync with this device over wi-fi
  • Click on apply and then disconnect USB cable
  • Select the items which you want to sync and then click sync

In case if the itunes doesn’t sync or doesn’t work properly, users are need to apply following measures

  • Restart system and the device
  • Make sure that the computer and device is on same wi-fi network
  • Check firewall settings

Get the itunes technical support in case the given steps do not work. Users need to go to the support page of apple and visit community section and select itunes option to get the proper result for different issues. Call on the itunes technical support phone number and discuss all issues with the experts in order to get the proper solution for their issues and work easily.

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