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How to Login A Billion Modem?

For making your first time login in your billion router, you need to know the default user name and password. However, the process is long. You could avail the entire process by dialing billion modem technical support number. Our technical support team also invites you to follow the steps, which are given here.

Whenever you are intended to make your first time log in, you are suggested to find your model number that is available in its bottommost part. Now your job is to find out the user name as well as the password. Here we are giving some of the default usernames and passwords. Please note down if your router’s model is available in our list. Use ‘admin’ as user name as well as password for 7204W, 800VGT, 810VGTX, Biguard-30, Biguard2, Bipac 5100, Bipac-5102G, BiPAC-5112S-Intellinet, BiPAC-6404VGP, BiPAC-5100S, Bipac-5100W, & Bipac-5102 router. If your router model is Bipac-640AE, Bipac-640SE, Bipac-643, Bipac-7025, or Bipac-740, you are requested to use ‘blank’ as your default user name and password. In case of 5102G and 5210S, please use ‘admin’ as user name and ‘password’ as your default password.

If your model number is not in our list, you need to call us to avail the same. In this agenda, you will also have to use your router’s IP address. Let us share that your external IP address is Billion modem technical support instructs you to enter it in the address bar, but you have to do it before entering your username and password.

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